Question about finding out who changed my eform!

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Question about finding out who changed my eform!

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Hi Everyone:

Someone posted a question at ISSS Technology facebook group that I wanted to share:
Does anyone have a Sunapsis 3 report that can show the action logs and user information for a specific action on an eform? Basically need to know who did what and when on a specific eform. I found the Action Log table in the Custom Report Builder but I haven’t figured out the magic combo to get it to pull what I need.

Our IOC team answer:
Do you mean who edited an eform in eform management or who took an action on an eform to approve, deny or change status of eform in client's record?

Tracking who edited an eform: So, to the best of our knowledge, generally sunapsis doesn't have a log or report that allows you to see who edited an e-form. Jodi's strategy to avoid a series of unfortunate incidents: you could lock folks out of eform configuration management if you have someone wreaking havoc. Then add people back in as they ask to make a change and assist them/train them to close the gap on making sure they understand what they should not be changing... or some other variation of locking staff out of this area!

Tracking who took an action on an eform: If you just want to know who approved etc. an eform, check the e-form action log in the client's record or you can find this information by running an eform extract or report in CRB.

Does this help?
Thank you,

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