Take Aways from the IOC Conference

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Take Aways from the IOC Conference

Post by Kbrumbaugh »

I have had a great conference so far. The Sunapsis sessions have been fantastic. There are so many things I have learned that I want to take back to my institution and work on such as checklists and Ad Hoc Email templates.

What great take aways do you have?

Kim Brumbaugh
Wright State University

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Re: Take Aways from the IOC Conference

Post by StevenSevic »

  • Terra Dotta and JB International are developing software platforms that may give Sunapsis some more competition soon.
  • Useful to have e-forms drive templated communications where custom fields from the e-forms can be used within the communications themselves.
  • E-Forms should be in "bite sized chunks" with little and focused text. Break up long forms into smaller pieces.
  • Institutional documentation tab useful for advisors to get a list of to-do items.
  • How many emails a day is too many? About 50 according to an ABC News survey.
  • Best days to send emails? Tuesdays and Thursdays. Best times? 8a, 10a, 1p, and 5p.
  • Try not to just build an e-form without taking process into account. Process can be streamlined when converting from paper-to-eform. Look at it through the eyes of Industrial Engineering.

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